Straighten Up Postcards

While your chiropractor can’t be with you 24/7 to help improve your posture, the Straighten Up app can!

Use these postcards to activate the Augmented Reality feature on the Straighten Up app.

Watch the characters come to life, illustrating both good and poor posture in different settings. You can also use the ‘x-ray’ view to see how your posture is affecting your spine.


StraightenUp in the office


StraightenUp on your phone


StraightenUp in the garden


Don't have a postcard?
You can get your own free educational postcards in a number of different ways:

  • Visit your local CAA chiropractor: Pick up a postcard by visiting your
    local CAA Chiropractor today.
  • Print your Postcard: Print out a postcard to use the augmented reality feature.

For further information please contact the CAA National Office