CAA is Building the Evidence Base

libraryCAA is pleased to announce that Anika Young (Macquarie University) and Dan Hone (RMIT University) are the inaugural recipients of our MRes scholarships.

It is often overlooked that CAA (National) has a long history in funding research and tertiary education. This is in keeping with our strategic intent on research, evidence and building capability in the profession so more Australians embrace the care provided by chiropractors.

In the period from 2009/10 to 2017/18, the funding provided has totalled approximately $1.84M or approximately $184,000 each year. This has included parity funding to universities over this time and has included initiatives at Macquarie University, CQU, ACORN through UTS, PhD and MRes funding, one-off project grants and our indigenous scholarship.

In the 2018 calendar year going forward, we have committed approximately $163,000 to the Giles Medal (if awarded), PhDs, MRes projects, ACORN support, a project to investigate allied health student and new graduate perceptions in collaboration with SCU, RMIT and Curtin universities, and our Indigenous scholarship. To use a sporting analogy, the runs are on the board.

Given we are looking to improve upon what we do, we are reviewing our strategy to ensure that it hits the mark and we continue to engage with the academic and research community to also ensure we achieve the outcomes being sought.

We encourage the profession to take a fresh look at what we do on behalf of the membership that influences the direction of the profession. Given we are a member of WFC, we are part of an international network.

Matthew Fisher
CEO, CAA National