Chiropractor of the Year 2017

WIC BettinaAt this year’s CAA Annual Conference held in Canberra, Dr Bettina Tornatora was celebrated for her contribution to the chiropractic profession with the prestigious award of Chiropractor of the Year. 

Instrumental within the profession, one of Dr Tornatora's most notable contributions is her role in establishing Women in Chiropractic (WIC). From its inception in Victoria, WIC has expanded nationally with Bettina as Chair. WIC has been a great support and network for many female chiropractors around the country.

Dr Tornatora's knowledge and experience as a chiropractor spans over 25 years and includes vital roles as a coach, speaker and author. Following her passion to pursue chiropractic practices and their impacts on greater health, Dr Tornatora graduated from RMIT, Melbourne in 1993 and has been practising ever since. One of Dr Tornatora's greatest strengths is her ability to communicate impacting health and wellbeing messages within the industry.

Dr Tornatora's experience includes starting out in rural regions such as Darwin in the Northern Territory, Dubbo in New South Wales' Central West before finally moving back to Brunswick West in Melbourne where she now runs a practice with her husband, Jim. Over this time she has practised as an associate, as a principal in multidisciplinary practices, has owned multiple practices and run a home-based business.

In addition to being an experienced Chiropractor, Dr Tornatora is a
well-respected mentor and coach within the industry. She is currently the CEO and coach at Powerful Practices International, a coaching and mentoring organisation that specialises in coaching chiropractors and their teams. Her coaching provides practitioners with the passion and skills they need to thrive and succeed in their practices.

Continuing her role as a mentor, Dr Tornatora also operates as a casual lecturer at RMIT in the area of professional communication and community communication and has also spent several years volunteering for the business course offered by CAA Victoria for RMIT students on getting an ideal associate role upon graduation.

Her contribution to the chiropractic profession extends to key roles which include:

  • WIC Victorian chair for 3 years;
  • current Chair of the Chiropractors Association National Women in Chiropractic Committee;
  • member of the Professional Standards Victorian Committee for several years; and
  • leadership team member of numerous personal growth workshops.

Some of Dr Tornatora's most recent speaking engagements include the joint facilitation of Powerful Practices international mastermind events 2016 and 2017, and presentations at the Chiropractic Philosophy Symposium 2016. Dr Tornatora is booked to speak at the Edinburgh Lectures in Scotland in 2018.

Dr Tornatora has also authored two collaborative books on health and wrote a personal development book called Learning from Children. Despite her busy schedule she greatly values time with her family; husband Jim and sons Sebastian (21) and Xavier (17).