World Spine Day 2017

9 WSDYour Back in Action

People from around the world come together on 16 October to celebrate World Spine Day, raising awareness about spinal disorders. An initiative of the International Bone and Join Decade, World Spine Day aims to bring attention to the serious impact of spinal disability and empower people to take charge of their spinal health.

Millions of people worldwide are dealing with spinal disorders, such as chronic back pain. 1 in 6 Australians suffer from back problems, often leading to poorer quality of life, psychological distress and disability.

Our sedentary and inactive lifestyle is a major contributing factor to spinal health issues and many other chronic diseases. So, this year World Spine Day is all about getting ‘Your Back in Action’. Take control of your spinal health by improving your posture and engaging in regular exercise which promotes body awareness and minimises the day-to-day wear and tear on the spine.

World Spine Day brings people together from all walks of life – patients, health providers, healthcare organisations, associations and governments – to help ease the global burden of spinal disorders.The aims of World Spine Day are to:

    • raise awareness of spinal health and spine disorders with individuals, communities, professionals and all stakeholders associated with spine care;
    • provide a forum for ongoing discussion about the burden of spinal disorders and the sharing of best practices; and
    • promote an interdisciplinary, collaborative approach to easing the burden of spinal disorders.

Need help with improving your posture? Download the Straighten Up (Australia) app from the App Store or Google Play to receive reminds about sitting right, stretching, taking breaks and improving your posture. Straighten Up (Australia) also includes an exercise program which is designed to improve spinal health, stabilise core muscles and enhance health. It can also help you locate your local CAA chiropractor.

As healthcare professionals who focus on the relationship between the spine and the nervous system, chiropractors are well-placed to offer preventative and lifestyle advice regarding disorders like chronic back pain. Chiropractors aim to restore and maintain normal spinal function, working with other healthcare professionals where necessary.

Whether it’s seeking chiropractic care, improving your posture or incorporating regular exercise into your daily routine, World Spine Day is a great opportunity to take charge of your health. Join the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia in raising awareness of spinal health issues on 16 October and take steps to be proactive about your health.