ACORN Project Update

ACORN Project Update: February 2018

AcornProjectUpdateThe ACORN project has continued to make great progress over recent months. The commitment of the 2,005 chiropractors who completed the baseline practitioner survey and the 1,680 chiropractors who have joined the ACORN practice-based research network (PBRN) database has provided a solid platform for a range of publications, sub-study initiatives and extensive research capacity building in Australian chiropractic profession and beyond.    

To date, the ACORN PBRN has published 5 papers (in the journals of BMJ Open, BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Chiropractic and Manual Therapies and the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics), three papers are under final editorial revision and/or submitted, and four others are in preparation/final draft. In addition, 9 research teams have submitted expressions of interest (EOI) to the ACORN Steering Committee and a number of have already completed their ACORN sub-studies involving collaborations from across Australia and overseas.

The ACORN website has also recently been updated to reflect the latest ACORN activities. ( All published ACORN papers can be accessed for free under the ‘ACORN Publications’ section which is on the right side of each webpage, and the ACORN PBRN sub-study updates as well as the latest publication of ACORN PBRN can be found on the ‘NEWS’ page. We have also provided the overview of the practitioner, practice, and clinical management features of the ACORN chiropractors for your reference, please refer to the ‘Practitioners-ACORN PBRN Members’ page.

A number of more recent sub-studies are now in preparation or under consideration by the ACORN Steering Committee which examine various topics and issues and include both chiropractor and patient–generated data. Please do look out for forthcoming news and updates (and visit the ACORN website regularly) to keep abreast of further output and ACORN projects.

Recent Publications:

  • Adams J, Peng W, Steel A, Lauche R, Moore C, Amorin-Woods L, Sibbritt D. (2017). A cross-sectional examination of the profile of chiropractors recruited to the Australian Chiropractic Research Network (ACORN): a sustainable resource for future chiropractic research. BMJ Open 7:e015830. (Impact Factor 2.369).
  • Moore C, Adams J, Leaver A, Lauche R, Sibbritt D. (2017). The treatment of migraine patients within chiropractic: analysis of a nationally representative survey of 1869 chiropractors. BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine 17: 519. (Impact Factor 2.288).
  • Adams J, Lauche R, Peng W, Steel A, Moore C, Amorin-Woods L, Sibbritt D. (2017). A Workforce Survey of Australian Chiropractic: The Profile and Practice Features of a Nationally Representative Sample of 2,005 Chiropractors. BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine 17:14. (Impact Factor 2.288).
  • Adams J, Steel A, Moore C, Amorin-Woods L, Sibbritt D. (2016). Establishing the ACORN National Practitioner Database: Strategies to Recruit Practitioners to a National Practice-Based Research Network. Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics 39(8): 594-602.  (Impact Factor 1.647).
  • Adams J, Steel A, Chang S, Sibbritt D. (2015). Helping Address the National Research and Research Capacity Building Needs of Australian Chiropractic: Introducing the ACORN Project. Chiropractic and Manual Therapies 23:12.

Please do keep visiting the ACORN website for regular updates and news items.

Thank you to all those who have provided their valuable time and energy in participating in ACORN to date.