Chiropractic Academy of Research Leadership Program Report

carlprogramIn April this year, 13 competitively chosen chiropractic researchers from around the world were chosen to take part in the first annual one week residential research program, held this year at the University of Southern Denmark in Odense, Denmark.

The Chiropractic Academy of Research Leadership (CARL) program was established by senior researchers Professor Jon Adams (University of Technology Sydney), Greg Kawchuk (University of Alberta, Canada) and Jan Hartvigsen (University of Southern Denmark) in partnership with the World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC) and the European Centre for Chiropractic Research Excellence (ECCRE).

The CARL program leaders spent a busy week mentoring a promising group of researchers with career, and research-specific training and collaboration. The program aims to not only bolster the opportunities of leading individual researchers but more importantly to connect them together in a way that will harness a critical mass for future chiropractic research across the world stage.

Professor Jan Hartvigsen explains, "It is essential for the future development and growth of evidence-based chiropractic that we secure a strong rigorous research culture where there is support, international networking opportunities and leadership training for the next generation of researchers focused upon this area of health care. The CARL Program is a direct response to these needs providing an exciting opportunity for further nurturing critical, rigorous scientific enquiry to drive effective patient care and positive health outcomes."

The 13 newly appointed CARL Fellows comprise an impressive lineup of emerging talent with representation from across North America (Canada, United States), Europe (United Kingdom, Sweden, Denmark), and the Pacific (Australia, Hong Kong)  and include early career researchers with a range of disciplinary backgrounds and methodological training such as clinical research design, systematic reviews and meta-analysis, health services research, epidemiology, worker health, qualitative research methods, psychology and biomechanics. Australian representatives included Matt Fernandez, Craig Moore, Katie de Luca and Mike Swain.

The intensive week resulted in unanimous agreement among the group that a truly collaborative international research network had now been established and solidified and one which can provide the much-valued support for the research careers, projects and challenges in the years ahead. CARL fellows finished the week with a list of research projects to be developed and delivered over the coming year by the group. They are all looking forward to the next residential meetings in Edmonton, Canada next April 25-29 and then Sydney, Australia in April 2019.

By Dr Craig Moore