Class of 2016

After five years of studying chiropractic, it is an exciting time for the class of 2016 as they graduate and transition into practice.

CAA National has been delighted to present awards in recognition of student achievement at graduate events across the country.


RMIT University

The Graduation Ball was held on 15 December at Leonda by the Yarra in Melbourne. At the ceremony, the CAA National Graduate of the Year Award was presented to Bryden Hok Hei Leung.

Letter to RMIT University Class of 2016 from Dr Dein Vindigni >

Award Recipients

  • Bryden Hok Hei Leung - CAA National Graduate of the Year Award, CAAVIC Award for Academic Excellence and Award in Excellence in Chiropractic Science
  • Alana Jane McQueen - CAAVIC Clinical Excellence Award
  • Max Theodor Hugh Cohrssen - Achievement in Community Service – Sacred Heart Mission & Wellington Mission award
  • Sheila Tuy Lam Phan -  Achievement in Community Service – Fitzroy Stars
  • Lauren Michelle Darby - Achievement in Community Service – Assisi
  • Elise Kiara Mangan - Excellence in Diagnostic Science Award

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Macquarie University

The Macquarie University Graduation Ball was held on 21 April at Dockside, Darling Harbour. The CAA National Award for Student of the Year was won by Peter Anderson.

Full report by Georgina Choueifati >

Award Recipients

  • Peter Anderson - CAA National Award for Student of the Year and CAANSW X-Ray Excellence Award
  • Dirk Crafford - CAANSW Academic Excellence Award First Year Masters
  • Elise Willcocks - CAAQLD Ellie Fernie Award
  • Georgina Choueifati - Ed Deveraux Award for contributions to the Student Body
  • Kate Deaves - Ed Deveraux Award for contributions to the Student Body
  • Mandy Stafford-Smith - Chiropractic Education Australia Award for Clinic Internship
  • Robin Koehler - The Chiropractic Alumni Award
  • Rafael Fabrega Teixeira – The Gary Stavrou Award for Chiropractic Technique
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CQUniversity’s first cohort of chiropractors graduated on 4 May at the Mackay Entertainment and Convention Centre in Queensland. The graduates are the first cohort of CQUniversity's Master of Clinical Chiropractic course and all graduating chiropractors have already successfully secured employment. 

Full report by Penne Kaddatz >

Award Recipients

  • Melissa Pope - John Dulhunty Memorial Award and Kennedy Chiropractic Prize
  • Ashley Thomas - CAAQLD Masters Prize, Chiropractic Australia Award, Professionals Radiology Outcomes Prize and the Prime Medical Supplies Prize
  • Cara Woods - recipient of the CAAQLD undergraduate award for Academic Excellence
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Murdoch University

The Graduation Ceremony took place on 9 May at the Kim E Beazley Lecture Theatre, Murdoch University. The CAA National Award for Chiropractic Graduate of the Year for outstanding performance in leadership and academic and clinical excellence in ‘Clinical Practicum’ was awarded to Adele Baljeu. 

Award Recipients

  • Adele Baljeu - The CAA National Award for Chiropractic Graduate of the Year
  • Sanna Svensson - The Sports Chiropractic Australia Graduate Award
  • Jedidiah Shepherd - The Miriam Minty Award (CAAWA)
  • Melissa Vernon - The Marcia Cerutty Award and The Ross Gilmore Award (CAAWA)
  • Louise Kingsford - The Shirleigh and Douglas Winter Award
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