Just Start Walking App

jsw 1Just Start Walking Australia is your mobile walking friend!

With the Just Start Walking Australia mobile app, you can track your walks via GPS, log your walking history, share your walks with friends online and find walking events in your local area. You can also choose to make a walking Pledge to help make walking a regular part of your life.

And as a Wellness initiative from the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia (CAA), Just Start Walking Australia can even help you to find your local CAA member chiropractor. The Just Start Walking Australia mobile app has some fantastic features to make it easy to adopt regular walking as part of your lifestyle:


    • Measuring Walks - Track the distance, time and steps taken each time you walk
    • Mapping your walk - Tracks your walking route, and lets you repeat the same walk to encourage ongoing improvements
    • Share your walks - Let friends know about your progress by sharing your walks on Facebook and Twitter
    • History of Walks - Monitor your progress via your walking history
    • Find a Walking route - Select a start and end point for your walk, and let the Just Start Walking Australia mobile app find the best walking route for you and estimate its distance
    • Find a local walking event - Need company? Search and join the walking events in your local area
    • Walking tips - Find out more about the correct way to walk, how walking can improve your posture, and why it’s so important to maintain good posture for your overall health
    • Locate a Chiropractor - As Just Start Walking Australia is a Wellness initiative of the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia, you can quickly and easily locate your nearest CAA member chiropractor


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