CAA Back App

Get support on the go with the CAA Back App: 'Your Pocket Chiropractor'

While your chiropractor can't be there 24/7 correcting your posture, the new CAA Back App can! Designed to act as ‘Your Pocket Chiropractor', the app incorporates alerts and augmented reality to help you improve your spinal health, and 'Back Your Inner Athlete'.



Features of the App:

Some of the features of the App are:

    • Posture reminder: The CAA Back App will have an in-built reminder function, encouraging you to 'sit right', take breaks, drink water and manage your posture so that you can stay healthy and ‘Back Your Inner Athlete’.
    • Augmented Reality: The CAA Back App will be able to augment reality on three educational Spinal Health Week postcards, providing you with 3D illustration of how to improve your posture at work, outdoors or while using digital devices.
    • Important Tips: The CAA Back App educates you with important tips and news on reducing pain, improving posture, good spinal function and a healthy lifestyle, which can activate performance and help you 'Back Your Inner Athlete'.
    • News:Get the latest chiropractic news and updates from the CAA.
    • Videos: Links to the CAA YouTube channel where you can view our latest videos.
    • Locate A Chiropractor: Search for a CAA member chiropractor in your local area.


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