CAA National PhD/MRes Scholarshipsphd

  • Applications for PhD scholarships extended until 1 September 2017.
  • Applications for MRes scholarships now open and close 30 September 2017.

The CAA is seeking applications for PhD/MRes scholarship funding from students currently enrolled (or are in the process of enrolling) in a PhD or MRes program at an Australian University. This funding is linked to the Research Training Program (RTP)

A review of the CAA PhD scholarship application process has occurred since the previous round. This review has been informed by the CAA Research Summary and Strategic Research Opportunities 2016 (RSSRO). This document is available through CAA National or the Heads of School at each University.

For this funding cycle, the CAA welcomes submissions within research domains encompassing:

    • Diagnosis (including reduction in unnecessary, ineffective or harmful diagnostic procedures);
    • Efficacy (including reduction in inappropriate or ineffective therapies);
    • Affordability;
    • Safety;
    • Knowledge translation and implementation within mainstream clinical care.

Priority may be given to research addressing musculoskeletal conditions which lead to high societal and economic burden as identified by the Global Burden of Disease1-3 and the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW)4. Research across all age domains will be accepted, including paediatric populations (birth to 18 years).

Projects must be within the chiropractic scope of practice and based upon sound scientific principles. Projects and supervision that are based outside of chiropractic institutions will also be considered.

Applications closing dates:

PhD scholarships close 1 September 2017.
MRes scholarships close 30 September 2017.

If you have any further questions, please contact Dr Scott Charlton on

Application forms can be downloaded below:




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    4. Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. Arthritis and musculoskeletal conditions publications  [cited 2016 October 27]. Available from:



Read the latest update from the CAA's currently funded PhD Scholarship Recipients

Dr Craig Moore
craig mooreUniversity of Technology PhD:

"Preventative migraine therapy is used to try to reduce the severity, duration or frequency of migraine attacks."

Dr Moore is currently half way through his PhD and has completed a literature review to first report on the global use of manual therapies for headache and the key factors associated with the use of manual therapies for headaches. To read more about Dr Moore's journey through his scholarship program click here > 

Dr Samantha Harman
samantha harmanRMIT University PhD:

"Is the pain in my neck making me clumsy? A systematic review of clinical and neurophysiological studies in humans."

Dr Harman is currently half way through her PhD and in December 2015 completed her Mid-candidature review.  To read more about Dr Harman's journey through her scholarship program click here >


Dr Julie Kendall
RMIT University PhD:

julie Kendall

"Effects of Non-pharmacological Interventions for Dizziness in Older People: Systematic Review"

Dr Kendall has successfully passed her mid-candidature milestone in January 2015.  To read more about Dr Kendall's journey through her scholarship program click here >


Dr Kelvin Murray
RMIT University PhD:

kelvin murray

"The Correlation between mildly excessive or asymmetrical joint loading and hip joint and lumbar motion segment degeneration."

Dr Murray said, "All PhD milestone presentations have been passed. I should have all studies completed and published, and the thesis ready for submission by late 2016 or early 2017, depending on the time it takes for the Spanish studies to be completed. I would like to thank the CAA once again for its financial support, without which I could not continue these studies."  To read more about Dr Murray's journey through his scholarship program click here >