WIC - Let's Connect

WIC BettinaThe Women in Chiropractic (WIC) group will host their next webinar titled Let's Connect presented by Dr Bettina Tornatora and will be held Wednesday 14 November 2018.

Dr Bettina Tornatora has been in practice for 21 years. She is passionate about chiropractic and its impact on greater health. Bettina loves communicating the chiropractic message and the ripple effect of doing that in an outstanding way. She loves watching families who enjoy chiropractic care thrive and creating an educational environment that empowers patients to ask great questions about their health.  In the last 12 months Bettina has co-authored two books that are designed to educate and empower those who read them. She speaks regularly to groups inside and out of the practice and for the profession of chiropractic.  As a coach and mentor with Powerful Practices International, Bettina is passionate about supporting her clients to thrive in their practices, and create and live their ideal lives.

This webinar will continue the conversation about what Women in Chiropractic need to support them in practice. 

Learning Outcomes

It will address issues such as creating harmony between work and home, business considerations for women, gender issues in the profession. It will also allow those who have wanted to particpate in a WIC event to date, but have not been able to physcially attend, to participate.


Title:    Let's Connect
Date:   Wednesday 14 November 2018
Time:   8:00pm to 9:00pm AEDT
Cost:   FREE Event