The Shoulder Complex - 4 October 2017

Dr Matthew WallbwOur next SCA Webinar on The Shoulder Complex, presented by Dr Matthew Wall, will be held Wednesday 4 October 2017.

As a sporting enthusiast, Matthew brings a wealth of experience and knowledge with him. He has worked with athletes of all levels, from World Champion Mountain bikers and Australia’s best Volleyball players, to champion desk jockeys and lunchtime netball all stars.

The human shoulder is a remarkable joint complex that affords incredible levels of movement and function. It is an evolutionary adaptation that is uniquely capable of throwing, hanging, pulling, pushing, lifting, climbing, vaulting and crawling unlike any other animal on the planet. Injuries and rotator cuff related shoulder pain are common with a range of conservative management protocols currently offered but with little evidence supporting one approach over another.

The webinar will focus mainly on the rotator cuff related shoulder pain. We will highlight morphological considerations, as well as some of the recent research regarding diagnosis, treatment and prevention of shoulder injuries.

We will seek to answer the following questions:

  • What did the shoulder evolve to do?
  • How special are our special tests? Is a simplified model of the sore shoulder more clinically relevant?
  • Which shoulder injuries need surgery?
  • How to manage shoulder pain?
  • How to minimize risk of shoulder injury for high risk athletes?

Title:    The Shoulder Complex - Simple
Date:   Wednesday 4 October 2017
Time:   8:00pm to 9:00pm AEST
Cost:   FREE for SCA members and students
           CAA members $33
           Non CAA members $66