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Prescribing Exercise to Maximise the Biopsychosocial Effects

SCA is pleased to present their next webinar titled, Prescribing Exercise to Maximise the Biopsychosocial Effects, presented by Dr Greg Lehman to be held on Tuesday 2 October 2018.

Greg LehmanDr Greg Lehman is both a physiotherapist and chiropractor treating musculoskeletal disorders within a biopsychosocial model. He has a MSc in Spine Biomechanics from the world renowned spine biomechanics laboratory at the University of Waterloo. He was an assistant professor at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College teaching a graduate level course in Spine biomechanics and Instrumentation as well conducting more than 20 research experiments while supervising more than 50 students. He has lectured on a number of topics on reconciling treatment biomechanics with pain science, running injuries, golf biomechanics, occupational low back injuries and therapeutic neuroscience.
This webinar will focus on exercise prescription for persistent pain and how our traditional rationale for exercise can be modified and expanded.

Learning Outcomes:
Exercise, movement and physical activity can help with rehabilitation.  Exercise has commonly been promoted to correct presumed impairments in biomotor abilities or in specific movement patterns.  This keynote will present different targets of exercise prescription with a specific emphasis on the building of tolerance and resiliency.  An alternative to the kinesiopathological model will be discussed and how and when the kinesiopathological model is still relevant in the treatment of injuries and pain will be highlighted by current clinical research.


Title: Prescribing Exercise to Maximise the Biopsychosocial Effects
Date: Tuesday 2 October 2018
Time: 8:30pm to 9:30pm AEST
Cost: FREE for SCA members and students
         CAA members $33
         Non CAA members $66