Headache Management: are you up to date?

7 December 2017

CraigMooreThe Clinical Neuroscience Australia interest group will host their first webinar on Headache Management: are you up-to-date? presented by Dr Craig Moore and will be held Thursday 7 December 2017.

In today’s healthcare climate, you cannot afford to be unacquainted with the most up-to-date information. The management of headaches can be complex and changing. A high percentage of headache patients cease headache medications because of poor efficacy and side effects with many seeking non-pharmaceutical approaches. While headache is the 3rd most common reason for why the public seek help from chiropractors, some chiropractors can feel unsure how to diagnose different headache types, what treatment approaches work best for each headache type, how to recognise headache red-flags or when to refer a headache patient for further assessment and medical care.

This hands-on webinar aims to cover all this and much more to help make you a more confident headache expert with updated, ready to use strategies to better help patients who present with headaches.

Learning Outcomes
At the end of this presentation, delegates will:

    • improve diagnostic skills for headache.
    • understand headache triggers for different headaches.
    • be aware of headache comorbidities and what to do.
    • appreciate the level of evidence for manual therapies versus other headache treatments
    • be aware of headache red flags that require immediate referral.


Title:    Headache Management: are you up-to-date?
Date:   Thursday 7 December 2017
Time:   8:30pm to 9:30pm AEST
Cost:   FREE for CCNA members and students
           CAA members $33
           Non CAA members $66