Food as Medicine

29 November 2017

damianKristofThe Nutrition and Supplementation clinical interest group will host their first Webinar on Food as Medicine, presented by Dr Damian Kristof and will be held Wednesday 29 November 2017.

As chiropractors in a primary health practitioner role, it's imperative to consider all elements that contribute to and promote health and the prevention of acute and chronic disease. Food is one of these pillars. In the context of disease prevention and health promotion, the inability to disseminate healthy nutrition and food based information contributes to many of the chronic diseases that as chiropractors we encounter in daily practice.

This webinar will cover:

    • The chiropractic application of food as a therapy (philosophical)
    • The philosophy of food-based intervention
    • The use of food for the management of common conditions encountered in chiropractic practice
      - What are the conditions
      - What research exists for the identification of food as a trigger or cause
      - What research exists for the use of nutrition as a management tool for the disease.
    • How can a chiropractor guide and advise patients and the public in healthy food-based nutrition intervention?

Learning Outcomes:

    • Advanced knowledge of the application of food intervention in a clinical setting
    • A greater appreciation of the role of food-based lifestyle decisions in disease management
    • Tools for communication of health promotion and disease prevention using food


Title:    Food as Medicine
Date:   Wednesday 29 November 2017
Time:   8:30pm to 9:30pm AEST
Cost:   FREE for NASCIG members and students
           CAA members $33
           Non CAA members $66