Concussion Clinical Assessment and Management: An Overview

brett jarosz imageThe Neuroscience Clinical Interest Group (CIG) will host their next webinar on Concussion Clinical Assessment and Management: An overview presented by Dr Brett Jarosz and will be held Wednesday 20 March 2019.

Dr Jarosz is a practicing sports chiropractor with a strong clinical interest in athletic and sporting injuries; neuro-orthopedic rehabilitation; corrective exercise strategies and optimizing athletic performance. Besides sports chiropractic, Brett also has practice interests in clinical neuroscience and rehabilitation, particularly concussion and persistent concussion symptoms (post-concussion syndrome).

Brett was named a Fellow of the International College of Chiropractors in 2013, and was presented the Chiropractor of the Year Award by the CAAVIC in 2015. He is currently part of the medical team with the World Surf League (Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach), as well as being a member of the Federation Internationale de Chiropratique du Sport (FICS) Education Commission.

In this webinar Brett will cover some key evidence and recommendations on concussion assessment and management, including multimodal clinical assessments, patient reported outcome measures (PROMs) and individualised targeted treatment. 

Learning Outcomes

    • Recognise key on-field/sideline assessment signs of concussion;
    • Realise some of the recommended PROMs to be utilised in concussion assessment, prognosis and treatment outcomes;
    • Understand some key multimodal clinical assessments, including:
      vestibular and oculomotor screening
      graded concussion treadmill testing
      cervical sensorimotor testing
    • Appreciate key areas of individualised, targeted treatment.


Title:    Concussion Clinical Assessment and Management: An Overview
Date:   Wednesday 20 March 2019
Time:   8:30pm to 9:30pm AEDT
Cost:   FREE for Neuroscience members and students
           ACA members $33
           Non ACA members $66