Dr Peter Garbutt

petergarbuttAfter graduating from Macquarie University in 1995, Dr Garbutt has worked with sporting teams for the past 20 years, ranging from water polo to soccer and beach volleyball. He has worked at both local and international level.

Lecturing throughout Australia and around the globe on topics around sports chiropractic and running, Peter is no stranger to the lectern. The first chiropractic fellow of the Australian Sports Medicine Federation, Dr Garbutt is the immediate past president of Sports Medicine Australia, ACT branch and a past chairman of Sports Chiropractic Australia. He is the president of FICS and our Pacific regional representative.

Dr Garbutt will be speaking extensively over the weekend, and his sessions will cover lower limb biomechanics and movement patterns to decrease potential for injury in sports such as running and weight lifting. There will be revision of foot anatomy, lower limb adjustments and lower limb injury management through manual technique. This session will allow you to prescribe simple running technique concepts as a part of running injury management, along with nutritional and lifestyle advice for patients.


Dr Luke Nelson

lukenelson4Dr Nelson has been in private practice in Bentleigh East since graduating from RMIT in 2003. His postgraduate qualifications in sports chiropractic include an ICCSP, a postgraduate diploma in Sports Chiropractic and a Masters in Sports Science.
Luke is involved in a number of organisations including Finance Chair of FICS, Education Chair of Sports Chiropractic Australia and Board Member of the Victorian State Branch of Sports Medicine Australia.  Luke treats elite athletes from a variety of sports including athletics, triathlon, AFL, water polo, cricket, tennis and golf and has been selected to work at the 2017 World Games in Poland. Luke was recently awarded the 2016 Sports Chiropractic Australia outstanding service award

Session Topic: Functional Movement Assessment: Quantifying Movement

This practical session introduces participants to the use of objective, evidenced based methods of quantifying movement.  You will examine some of the researched based functional tests including, star excursion balance test (Y-balance), multi directional lunges, and trunk reaches, and practical of the above tests.


Dr Margie Blacklow

margieblacklowDr Blacklow is a practising chiropractor in Christchurch, New Zealand and works at and is Director of Sportsmed, one of the southern hemisphere's largest fully integrated sports medicine clinics.

With over 28 years in practice Margie has developed her love of sports chiropractic to allow her to practise with a group of elite sports medicine professionals. After obtaining her undergraduate degree in Melbourne (P.I.T) she became a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician; has completed her International Chiropractic Sports Science Diploma; Diploma and Masters of Applied Science (Musculoskeletal Mgt), RMIT.

Margie has treated athletes at the elite national and international level over many years in a wide variety of sports. She is currently an advisor to the Health & Disability Commissioner and has been on multiple government advisory and chiropractic panels in both New Zealand and Australia.  

Session Topic: Integrated, Multidisciplinary Approach to Patient Management in a Sports Medicine Practice

A sports medicine patient management approach is typically practised by a multidisciplinary team of professionals interested in sport and exercise medicine, with skills that provide optimal care for the individual. When working in a team of sports medicine professionals there are of course distinct differences in the roles and responsibilities each team member has. It is essential that all practitioners in the health care team understand their own strengths and limitations. Margie will review this integrated multidisciplinary patient management approach and discuss how chiropractic care fits into this model.


Dr Robert Moore

robert mooreDr Moore graduated from RMIT in 2009. He worked in private practice in Melbourne before relocating to Queenstown in 2013. 

Robert holds an ICCSP certification and has worked with professional skiers, snowboarders, gymnasts, weightlifters, cross-fit athletes and many other sporting professions while in Queenstown. Robert is the current team chiropractor for the New Zealand Men’s Alpine Ski team and the Under-20 Men’s Ice Hockey team.  

Session Topic:  Sports Chiropractic and Snow Sports

In this one hour presentation Dr Moore will share his experiences of working with high performance winter athletes in the clinic, on the hill, at the ice-rink and travelling with winter teams. He will also cover information on athlete assessment, general management and specific injury management for knee injuries. He will share tips that you can take into practice to help patients who enjoy winter sports and maybe improve your own sporting skills.


Dr Neki Patel

patel3Dr Patel has been in private practice since 1993, running a multidisciplinary clinic. He has been a part of the Australian PGA since 1997, setting up the players' medical services.

Neki was part of the 2002 New Zealand Commonwealth Games Medical team and has been involved with the All Blacks Rugby Club, Crusaders and Highlanders Super Rugby team 1996-2002. He is currently involved with numerous Australian and New Zealand super teams and the All Blacks with his clinic.

Neki was instrumental in the set up, and is a trustee for a charity called Raleigh International, which sends proactive young people on Expedition to aid some of the World's poorest communities.

Session Topic:  Sports Chiropractic

In this session Neki will cover the chiropractic journey, politics and working with other professionals.


Dr Ed Timings

TimmingsDr Timings graduated from Sherman College in 1987. A decade later he started the New Zealand Sports Chiropractic movement and the next decade he became a New Zealand High Performance chiropractor where he has worked with many olympians, world champions, gold medallists, All Blacks and Warriors players just to name a few.

Ed's love is still athletics and helping athletes to perform better.  Dr Timings is now an international health motivational speaker who juggles his chiropractic career with his passion to help others who lead less ordinary lives.

Session Topic 1: Desperately wanting to be a sports chiropractor
This session will look at doing the hard yards, critical thinking, expectations of self and others.

Session Topic 2: Why not to be a desperate sports chiropractor
This session will cover exposure, true knowledge, when to return to sport and defining your role.