1 in 6 Australians are experiencing the physical and psychological effects of chronic back problems. Of the estimated 3.7 million people suffering from chronic back problems, many are also likely to suffer from poor quality of life and are unable to engage in an active, healthy life.1

Our spines are remarkable – they hold us up and give us flexibility to move, bend and twist. However, back pain can be a common source of distress for many people. Most back pain is usually resolved within a few weeks or months but pain that lasts longer than three months is described as ‘chronic’.

With around 70-90% of Australians suffering from lower back problems in some form at some point in their lives, it is fast becoming a major public health concern.2 While the burden of low back pain is ranked sixth in the world, it is ranked first in Australasia.3

With such a far-reaching impact, it is important to raise awareness of chronic back problems and take steps to reduce its effect.

If you or someone you know is suffering from chronic back pain, don’t suffer in silence. There are steps you can take to address chronic pain symptoms. Improvements, no matter how small, may help you feel like yourself again. Taking small steps towards better health and seeking professional advice can make a big difference in how you feel.

Chronic back pain is the theme for Spinal Health Week this year. Spinal Health Week (22-28 May 2017) is a health initiative of the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia.