Building a Busy, Community Orientated Practice

Australia is being transformed by population ageing. Specialised knowledge of this demographic is required by members of a wide variety of professions, including chiropractic. This one-day seminar will introduce delegates to the attributes of the baby boomer generation and growing a success community practice.


Seminar Details

Topic: Caring for our Baby Boomers
Date: Saturday 15 September 2018
Place: Central Qld University, Sydney Campus, 400 Kent St, Sydney
Time: 8:00am to 2:30pm
AGM: 3:00pm to 4:00pm
Cocktail Function:  4:00pm onwards


Dr Johanne Brady
DrJoBradyDoctor of Philosophy (Health Sciences), Univesity of Sydney
Dr Brady is a researcher in behavioural and social sciences and has recently completed a doctoral study on older Australians living with Parkinson's disease. Her research focus is on ageing and health and applies life course theory to understand the way that social determinants influence health outcomes in later life. Dr Brady also uses social theories to develop conceptual frameworks for interpreting older people's perspectives on their lived experiences of ageing and illness.

Session outline:
This session will explore attributes of the baby boomer generation and why care practices need to suit to their experiences of ageing and healthcare. The session will explain why the life course is important for understanding how social determinants may influence health outcomes in later life; and present research on falls prevention and a case study on Australian baby boomers ageing and living with Parkinson’s disease in everyday life contexts. The objective of this session is to introduce conceptual ways of understanding ageing and health.

Dr Taylor Harrison
TaylorHarrisonImageDr Taylor Harrison is a man on a mission. He is dedicating his life to helping the over 60 population achieve the health they deserve. He is a chiropractor, speaker, author, philanthropist and owner of the Active Seniors Health Centres, Australia’s largest and most successful seniors’ health centres seeing up to 200 people per day. To date, he has helped over 5000 seniors achieve greater health through the centres and his health workshops.  Also his instructional online videos have now been viewed by over 500,000 people. He is driven to not only help the senior population, but encourage other health practitioners to focus on doing more for this group.

Session outlines:

  • Session 1
    The current state of affairs with the ageing population, what this means for us as practitioners but also the opportunity it brings. This session will discuss the benefits of caring for the baby boomer generation (wealth, focus on health, flexible time, loyalty etc), how to build a senior focused practice, from both internal procedures and approaches including communication, through to external marketing.

  • Session 2
    This session will be about the actual care of older clients. Focus will be on assessments, what tests are research validated and demonstrate these tests. We will discuss common conditions and protocols for treatment, exercise, strength and balance training and how to integrate it easily within a care plan. Lastly, we will cover any pitfalls, common myths or mistakes.



08:00 Registration
08:30-10:00 Dr Johanne Brady
Reframing Ageing and Care for Baby Boomers
10:00-10:30 Morning Tea
10:30-12.00 Dr Taylor Harrison Session 1
The Current State of Affairs with the Ageing Population
12:00-1:00 Lunch
1:00-2:30 Dr Taylor Harrison Session 2
Practical session - Care and Assessment for the Older Clients
2:30-3.00 Afternoon Tea
3:00-4.00 CAA NSW AGM
4:00- Close/Cocktail Function



Registration Costs

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  Caring for the Baby Boomers  
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AGM and Cocktail Function

CAANSW members and delegates are invited to attend the final CAANSW Annual General Meeting.

Date: 15 September 2018
Place: Central Qld University, Sydney Campus, 400 Kent Street, Sydney
AGM Registration: 2.30pm
AGM: 3:00pm to 4:00pm

Please join the CAANSW Board and staff at a cocktail function following the AGM at the chic Papermill 414 to celebrate an end of an era, as well as the start of an exciting future for our Association. The cocktail function begins at 4.00pm and is located at 1/414 Kent Street, Sydney.