History signThe CAA came into existence following a historic determination in September 1990 by the then two national organisations the Australian Chiropractors’ Association and the United Chiropractors Association of Australasia Ltd, to amalgamate.

The inaugural meeting of the Chiropractors' Association of Australia was called to order at 9am on Sunday 23 September 1990 and until the first Annual General Meeting took place, Dr Ed Devereaux, President of the UCAA and Dr Paul Searle, President of the ACA were appointed Co-Chairman.

As the then Executive Director, Dr John Sweaney wrote in his first report, "The establishment of this new professional association provided the ideal opportunity to assess the profession's strengths and weaknesses, to consider a new image and to design a comprehensive strategic plan for the future."

Modernisation greatly enhanced the organisation’s cost efficiency and functional effectiveness. The ACA, the elder of the two bodies, was founded in 1938 and the UCAA Ltd came into existence in 1961. Both organisations brought significant contributions of tradition and experience to the CAA.

Undoubtedly, the merger gave rise to an enthusiastic new vitality within the profession, particularly an increased focus on influencing health policy within Australia and raising the profile of chiropractic through public education and promotion.

Organisational Structure

Two tiers of organisational structure exist in the Association with divisions of authority appropriately established between the Branch and/or National levels. The National body is involved with such matters as education, publications, conventions, international relations and the dealing with federal government authorities. Membership matters, ethics and representation to state government authorities constitute the primary functions of the branches.

The National Board of up to ten members conducts the affairs of the day to day management of the Association and generally meets five times each year. The Council of Representatives meets annually and develops, modifies and recommends policy for the Association.