Back Your Inner Athlete this Christmas

The Christmas season is often one of the busiest times of the year. Between searching for that perfect gift, making an appearance at numerous festivities and wrapping up at the office, it can be quite easy to neglect our spinal health.

You don’t need to be a sporting professional to achieve peak performance this Christmas. You can perform and live better through reducing pain, maintaining good spinal function and living a healthy lifestyle.

The Chiropractors’ Association of Australia (CAA) encourages you to ‘Back Your Inner Athlete’ this Christmas by making sure you have the three P’s of chiropractic care tended to:

  • REDUCE PAIN by helping de-stress your spine
  • IMPROVE POSTURE by educating you on correct posture
  • ACTIVATE PERFORMANCE by placing importance on good spinal health and function, alleviating pain, improving posture and mobility, and living a healthy lifestyle, to assist with improving performance in life.

While your chiropractor can’t be there 24/7 correcting your posture, the CAA Back App can! Designed to act as ‘Your Pocket Chiropractor’, the app incorporates alerts and augmented reality to help you improve your spinal health, and ‘Back Your Inner Athlete’ this Christmas. Download the CAA Back App from the App Store or Google Play.

And for many Australians, the Christmas season involves travelling to visit family or to enjoy a summer holiday. Long car trips, cramped airline seats, heavy suitcases, unfamiliar beds and pillows and even seasonal stress can all take their toll on our spinal health. Avoid some of the travel ‘bugs’ that can spoil a holiday. For handy travel tips this Christmas holiday season visit

Make sure to ‘Back Your Inner Athlete’ this Christmas by reducing pain, improving posture and activating performance.