Vision and Values

As we celebrate 25 years of being the peak body representing chiropractors, we reflect back on how we have helped grow chiropractic over the last two and a half decades. Evidence of this can be seen in the latest IBISWorld Report, which highlighted that the profession has seen 3.5% growth and is expected to grow further. And with our new strategic plan in place, we are excited about supporting chiropractors even more, and through them, enhancing the health of the community. Click here to view a video of our CEO, Dr Matthew Fisher, discuss our strategic plan, vision for the future and how we aim to add more value to chiropractors around Australia and through them enhance the health of the community. 


CAA Core Purpose

The Chiropractors' Association of Australia exists as the Peak Body representing Chiropractors.

CAA Vision Statement

Our new vision for CAA emerged out of the Strategic Plan 2015-2018. 

This vision is that more Australians embrace and access chiropractic care. 

CAA Mission

Supporting chiropractors, enhancing health

CAA Core Values

The CAA recognises and supports:

    • Chiropractors as experts in spinal health and well-being
    • The profound significance and value of chiropractic in health care in Australia
    • The highest standards of ethics and professionalism in the areas of research, education and practice
    • A commitment to evidence based practice - the integration of best available research evidence, clinical expertise and patient values and choices
    • Inclusiveness and collaborative relationships within and outside the chiropractic profession
    • Practising the highest standards of representative engagement

CAA Strategic Plan 2015-2018 and Five Key Pillars

Our new strategic plan which will guide the organisation’s work over coming years has three key outcomes:

    • improve the reputation and standing of the profession in the community
    • increase utilisation of chiropractors as more Australians embrace and access chiropractic care
    • improve the organizational performance of CAA

To achieve these outcomes your organisation will focus on five pillars:

StrategicPlan Pillars