About Work Health and Safety

CAA CIG Logo WHSThe Work Health and Safety (WHS) Group is a clinical interest group for practitioners who wish to develop their skills in the Work Health and Safety or Occupational Health related areas.

The areas currently covered by the group are:

    • Pre-employment functional testing
    • Corporate health promotion
    • Ergonomic assessment of workstations
    • OHS management systems and auditing
    • Successful return to work for compensation patients
    • Workplace and job assessment
    • Undertaking risk assessments for manual handling activities/tasks
    • Manual handling training for workers

All these areas can provide new growth opportunities for practitioners that are prepared to get out of their clinics and into an occupational environment. Our extensive educational training programs position chiropractors as excellent providers of these services.

The WHS group members work collaboratively with a range of people including employers, employees, health professionals and organisations to offer a range of measures aimed at reducing health and safety risks for people at work.

Membership of this clinical interest group can provide practitioners with an opportunity to be able to access alternative income stream, to delve more deeply into their own particular area of interest. It can provide a roadmap for practitioners wishing to move into other WHS areas by completing further qualifications. Other professionals (such as GPs, engineers, exercise physiologists, physiotherapists, nurses, etc.)  have made the successful leap into their respective areas; and Chiropractors can do this as well; and by so doing, make chiropractic a first choice for all aspects of Work Health and Safety in Australia.

Memberships to the WHS group is open to any CAA member from 1 October 2017.  Fees may apply.



Contacting WHS

CAA National
Phone:  (02) 8844 0400
Fax:      (02) 8844 0499
Email:   cig@caa.asn.au

Chair & Delegate to the Work Health & Safety Group

Dr Stuart Skepper