About Pain Management

PainManagementLogoThe Pain Management Clinic Interest Group (PMCIG) aims to provide clinical and academic leadership in the field of pain management.

The function of the group is to disseminate and promote contemporary knowledge and best practice standards in pain management to Australian chiropractors.

The group assists in the development of relevant educational events and post-graduate qualifications and provides advisory support for engagement with key stakeholders.

Chiropractors need to be well-informed to effectively manage persistent pain and to ensure their patients, who are presenting with an ongoing pain condition, receive evidence-based care.

This committee works to ensure CAA members have a comprehensive perspective of this area, and latest research in this field is disseminated.

This group is currently chaired by Dr Kyle Keenan, with committee members Drs John Petrozzi, Michael Swain, Carla Sullivan-Myers and David McNaughton.

Membership to the PMCIG group is open to any CAA member from 1 October 2017 with a membership fee of $100.00.


Contacting PMCIG

CAA National
Phone:  (02) 8844 0400
Fax:      (02) 8844 0499
Email:   cig@caa.asn.au

Chair & Delegate to the Pain Management Group

Dr Kyle Keenan