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The Nutrition Clinical Interest Group (CIG) has been formed to support the growing enthusiasm of the chiropractic profession in the area of nutrition.

Nutrition Mission Statement

To act as the peak chiropractic body promoting the integration of evidence-based nutritional advice into chiropractic care and the advancement of further education and research in wellbeing, disease prevention and health promotion.

Aims and Objectives

The Nutrition CIG works in collaboration with chiropractors, chiropractic students, educators, academics and key stakeholders to

    • promote the integration of evidence based nutrition into chiropractic health care.
    • maintain the role of the chiropractor as a primary care practitioner whilst working within a multidisciplinary approach to health care incorporating good nutrition.
    • act as a peak peer review body for chiropractors providing nutritional advice
    • develop and maintain an extensive database of current nutritional research literature and other relevant information for access by the membership.
    • encourage evidence-based and ethical practice in relation to nutrition.
    • act as an advisory body to government, regulatory and institutional bodies in the formation and development of policies relating to nutrition.

Core Values

    • The importance of fostering an attitude of prevention and health promotion in the general community, especially as it pertains to nutrition
    • Nutrition (along with movement and exercise) are integral components of the chiropractic holistic approach to patient management and care.
    • Optimal health requires consideration of a person’s physical, psychological and environmental issues.




Contacting Nutrition CIG

Phone: (02) 8844 0400
Fax:     (02) 8844 0499

Chair & Delegate to the Nutrition CIG

Dr Paul Bergamo