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Women in Chiropractic

In ACA's commitment to empowering and supporting female chiropractors as they face unique challenges as practitioners, ACA launched the National Women in Chiropractic (WIC) program at the October 2015 ACA Annual Conference.

To support the WIC program, ACAdeveloped a WIC Committee in December 2015. This committee is chaired by Dr Bettina Tornatora who previously chaired the Victorian WIC program.  The Victorian WIC Program which began three years ago, is led by a group of women and provides support, leadership, mentoring and empowerment to female practitioners.

"We graduate up to 50% females from our courses and yet so few are in active practice, or leadership, or even participating in the profession.  This is an untapped resource that needs to be nurtured and supported and a WIC support group is one way of doing this", said National WIC Committee Chair Dr Bettina Tornatora.

WIC Committee Members

  • Bettina Tornatora - Chair
  • Jolene Cooney
  • Bianca Dobson
  • Susan Ferguson
  • Paula Stacey-Thomas
  • Esyltt Graham
  • Alison Bennett
  • Chelsea Dickins
  • Megan Hudson

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If you would like to be involved in the WIC program by leading an event or local group in your area, please complete the WIC Program Application

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