Ethics Statement

Chiropractor educates a patientEndorsed by the membership at the 1997 National Annual General Meeting Board of Directors, the CAA Code of Ethics is a part of a practice paradigm that sets a member of the Association apart from non-members. It is the benchmark against which the actions of the profession and its individual members can be measured.

It expresses the willingness of the members of the profession to be judged by their peers and by society through the quality of service they provide. It is an indicator of professional maturity and social accountability.

The Code publicly sets out the values of the profession and what society can expect from it. All health care is an imprecise and often subjective clinical science with uncertain boundaries. Recognising this, the Code seeks to define those fundamental principles by which Association members should conduct themselves in the practice of their profession.

It is a living document and one which should accommodate changes in laws, community attitudes, scope of practice and personal professional competence without losing its relevance. It is the umbrella under which any code of ‘best practice’ can grow and flourish.

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